The demand for electrical power generation from sustainable, renewable sources is now a global issue. In some countries in Europe electrical power generated from commercial photovoltaic and wind sources has become a mainstream industry. The African continent is emerging as a leading player in the developing world where effective and reliable power generation is becoming increasingly more necessary for ensuring business and personal productivity. In Tanzania the national grid supplies electricity to 12% of the nation’s population, the majority of this supply being in urban areas. 75% of Tanzanian grid power is generated from large hydro sources the reliability of which is wholly dependent upon widely fluctuating rainfall patterns. Widespread load shedding and voltage reduction is common.

Since our foundation in 2015, POWERZON has been the pioneer of solar energy in Tanzania, after more than 4 years of deep and intensive studies for the Renewable Energy Technology.

 We have led the way in installing solar power nationwide and throughout the East African region and have laid the foundations for the successful development of Tanzania’s solar energy sector.

We deal exclusively in solar systems and appliances. With over 4 year’s experience, our technicians have the highest level of expertise in solar installation. We have installed over 5,000 solar systems in the East Africa Region working with numerous high profile clients. When it comes to solar, our expertise is unmatched.


We believe this is key to any successful relationship. It is important to POWERZON that our clients and team members have a strong foundation of trust in each other.

Ethical Conduct

We believe this is the cornerstone of good business. We are committed to honesty and high morals in all dealings, both internally and externally.


Being a successful business is not easy. With us, you will be provided solutions to common challenges in your business. With our efficient and professional team, we assure your business to be where you want it to be. We look forward to establish a strong and stable business cooperative relation.



What we Do..

  1. To provide unique Solutions and Technologies to ensure the success delivery of renewable and sustainable energy project promptly.
  2. Deliver a value for our clients with creative, experienced and highly skilled Engineering Team in the design, installation, operation

and maintenance of high quality sustainable Energy Solution.

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